NOUVELLE at Natick

NOUVELLE at Natick is a twelve story 215 unit luxury condo building of 350,000 square feet attached to and overlapping with an addition to the Natick mall. It includes 400 below grade parking spaces for the residences as well as five levels (400 spaces) of retail parking above grade for the mall inserted under the middle tier of residential units. This building included a full compliment of amenities, retail space, and a 1.5 acre green roof built on the mall.

"During cd's I managed subordinates and drawing production, developed all of the wall sections for the building, developed South Tower units, and coordinated MEP and structural engineers. I saw the building through the entire construction process from the early bid steel package to the final certifications, reviewing all submittals, responding to RFI's, attending weekly meetings with owners and contractors, coordination meetings, writing field reports, and punchlisting."

"One of the most interesting aspects of the project for me was one that, in the end, you can't even see as a whole. In two locations of the residential building there are nodes where the residential units, retail garage, mall retail space, garage exhaust shafts, garage exit stairs and pressurization shafts, garage/ retail elevator and green roof garden all intersect in plan and/ or section. Below are some of the drawings that I developed to describe this complex area."

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