Qatar Park

Qatar is rapidly emerging into a world class destination for businesses, convention, and tourism. With plans for global events such as the World Cup in 2022, Qatar looks to expand its infrastructure and to enhance the reliability and security of its precious water services to residents and visitors. The Mega Reservoir Project represents state-of-the-art measures to sustain water supplies to consumers even if major portions of the water systems were out of service because of emergencies or programmed maintenance.

This proposal for the Qatar Mega Water Storage Project would consist of five to seven, 73- to 96-million gallon water storage tank reservoirs (225’ diameter, 30’ tall) at each of five sites around the city of Doha. These reservoirs would likely be the largest of their kind in the world. Each site would include an adjacent park as an amenity for the expanding city. Architecturally the task was to quickly provide a sample design and renderings for a proposal to describe how the tank farm could be secured and obscured from ground view and what the scale and nature of a park amenity might be. These are some of the images that were developed over the course of a week for that purpose.